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Instaprint Creates Inkless, On-Demand Photo Prints From Instagram Snaps

Capitalizing on people's nostalgia for old Polaroid prints, a company called Breakfast will soon beta-test a location-based printer that will create inkless, on-demand photos from the Instagram iPhone app. Instaprint, as it's called, automatically prints photos that are taken with Instagram app and tagged with a specific location or hashtag. Next week, Breakfast will show off two printers to...

Polaroid Digicam to Feature Built-In Printer in 2009

We had this inkling that it was only a matter of time before a PoGo-infused camera came to market, and at long last, we finally know (well, sort of) how long we're talking. Sometime in 2009, the aforesaid company will be pushing out a digital camera that includes an on board printer based around the Zink technology. The device will be capable of ejecting 4- x 3-inch prints, and curiously enough,...