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Level Up Your MMORPG Character Using Developing Economies

Next time you are scoring that amazing Amethyst Helm of Schadenfreude for your Level 38 Warlock Raider (I just made that up, but I hope something like that exists), you may be helping people in developing countries to make some cash. According to the BBC and a report released by the World Bank -- which is apparently now studying the effects of 'World of Warcraft' (PDF) on the economy -- when We...

Google Now Offering Searchable World Bank Database

Statistics nerds, rejoice! The World Bank, the institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital projects, released an application programming interface (API) for its wealth of statistics shortly after Google introduced searchable public data back in April. Now, the two have married their strengths and brought searchable World Bank data to Google. Google Search now has acce...

World Bank Attacked By Hackers

Somehow, the World Bank has kept secret for the last 14 months that 18 of its servers were the target of a successful intrusion by an unidentified hacker or group or hackers. Fox News uncovered the attacks after obtaining internal memos concerned with the incident. World Bank spokesman Carl Hanlon confirmed the authenticity of the memos to USA Today, but assured the paper that, "at no point was...