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Glance Into the Crystal Ball of CES: Our Top Picks for the Best Gadgets of 2011

Share Your fancy iPod case, your Palm Pre, even your fantastic GPS-enabled directional unit: it all originated here. This is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where every tech company worth its salt comes to show off its wares, and where tech writers, for the most part, question the validity of their jobs. In the past, we at Switched have been pretty right on: we still think 3-D TV is a...

Gift Guide: Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale (Sports Fan, Under $250) Self-improvement, body-opmtimization technology is coming at us fast and furious, and the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale is one of the best implementations yet. It's a simple concept: Set up your online profile, and every time you weigh yourself on the scale, your weight and body mass is sent via your Wi-Fi connection to your online account. This...