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A Baker's Dozen Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Mac

Whether you're a recent convert, ambivalent veteran or one of those hardened Apple fanboys, let us remind you: a Mac, like any other computer, needs to be maintained. No, you probably don't need anti-virus software (yet), you may never have to fiddle with registry editing, and you'll likely never need to reinstall the operating system. But you may face a kernel panic, a raft of mysterious app...

'Are You Watching This?!' Tells Sports Fans When to Turn on the TV

Even if you're a hardcore sports fan, it's impossible to watch every game being broadcast. But you can rest easy, because there's a new site that will watch them for you and give a heads-up when there's an instant classic in progress. According to Lifehacker, Are You Watching This?! monitors each day's games, which (depending on the time of the year) can number more than 100, and uses an...

The Ultimate Guide to Productivity: Git 'Er Done With Helpful Hacks and Hints

Share Our mission here at Switched entails more than simply bringing you the latest tech and social networking news. We don't even stop at just helping you to become a smarter, better consumer of technology. We want to make sure that you use the power we bestow to enhance your life, not just watch videos of dancing fools and women covered in mud. So, as a spring cleaning gift for you, here...

Macs: Drag Widgets to the Desktop

For many Mac users, widgets trapped in the Dashboard are all but useless since you can't use them without flipping the Dashboard on and off. Follow these instructions to festoon your desktop with your favorite widgets -- including those you create yourself with Safari's Web Clip feature! Open Terminal (in Utilities) and type in the following: defaults write

Users Share Links More on Facebook Than E-Mail, Suggests Report

AddToAny, a popular widget maker, recently announced some of its internal study results that indicate Facebook overwhelmingly leads the way in shared Web content. According to Mashable, AddToAny lets users share information they find noteworthy with a variety of Web sites, including Digg, Facebook, and Twitter. The group reported that 24-percent of information shared through its widget was posted...