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'Underheard in New York' Gives a Voice to Homeless People on Twitter

A handful of New York's homeless residents are now on Twitter, thanks to a new awareness initiative called Underheard in New York. Created by advertising interns Rosemary Melchior, Robert Weeks and Willy Wang, the program provided four homeless men with their own pre-paid cell phones, a month of unlimited texting, and separate Twitter accounts. The four men -- Danny (@putodanny), Derrick...

Pew: Internet Users Are More Likely to Volunteer, Participate in Groups

Surfing the Web may be a relatively solitary activity, but, according to a new study, Internet users are a lot more active than they appear. In a national survey, the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project found that 75-percent of all Americans are currently involved in some sort of volunteer group, but Internet users are noticeably more likely to participate in them;...

Peace Corps Volunteers Use Skype, Cell Phones to Stay Connected

As recently as the early 1990s, a stint in the Peace Corps meant going off the grid. Now, according to an NPR report, Peace Corps volunteers are staying connected to friends and family back home via Skype, e-mail, texting, Facebook or even phone calls. "When they go back to their homes, instead of turning out the kerosene light and going to bed, they can get on Skype and they give a quick call to...