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Level Up Your MMORPG Character Using Developing Economies

Next time you are scoring that amazing Amethyst Helm of Schadenfreude for your Level 38 Warlock Raider (I just made that up, but I hope something like that exists), you may be helping people in developing countries to make some cash. According to the BBC and a report released by the World Bank -- which is apparently now studying the effects of 'World of Warcraft' (PDF) on the economy -- when...

Facebook to Shutter Gift Shop: Moms Weep as New Global Economy Emerges

Share Readers, our passion is the Internet. In fact, we're probably online -- posting, commenting, tweeting, Facebooking -- more than you. And yet, despite our deft Web skillz, we still can't really wrap our minds around the concept of virtual currency and goods. Paying hard-earned, real-life dollars to send your friend a tiny digital duck just makes no sense to us -- and yet, it's been quite a...