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Drug Vending Machines Dispense Prescriptions in U.K.

In the U.S., most vending machines provide only corn syrup confections. Vending machines in the U.K., however, may soon deliver something substantially more healthy: medicine. Sainsbury's, a U.K. supermarket chain, has already begun testing one drug delivery machine in its Essex stores. In order to use the device, customers have to use a unique ID or fingerprint, along with a special PIN cod...

Ice Cream Machine Vends Portions Based on Customer Mood

As we've all learned from countless sitcoms and romantic comedies, nothing cures the blues better than big old bowl of cookie dough ice cream. And that's the very logic at work behind artist Demitrios Kargotis's new vending machine, which doles out portions of frozen custard based on a customer's mood. The sadder the customer, the more ice cream he or she is rewarded with. The Mr. Whippy machin...