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Into Vinyl? The Best Turntables Under $400

Share A reader writes: "I recently helped my parents clean out their house, and, lo and behold, stumbled upon my beloved record collection, which I had assumed was long gone. So, now I need a record player. I'm not planning on becoming a wedding DJ anytime soon, but I want my Emerson, Lake and Palmer to really bump, so help make this reunion work and just tell me what to get!" Dear Reader:...

Why Vinyl Records Are Back

Here's a surprising statistic: According to NPR, sales of new vinyl records are up 10% in the first quarter of 2007. Record stores that sell used vinyl are reporting a spike in sales as well. Which begs the question: What's up with the resurgence? One theory is the advent of USB turntables, which plug right into your computer's USB port and make it easy to turn your vinyl records into MP3s or...