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Then and Now: How Far We Are From Y2K, and the Tech That Got Us Here

The year 2000 loomed over the world way before 1999 -- see Prince songs, Y2K concerns, and even hordes of science fiction movies set before the end of the millennium. But on January 1, 2000, nothing much changed, jet packs didn't suddenly appear, and we didn't all get rad Jetsons-style hair. While we can't speak for our readers, launch any member of the Switched staff through time from 1999 until...

'Thought Helmets' Could Enable Voiceless Troop Communication

This won't mark the first time the US government has looked into other means for helping soldiers communicate on the battlefield, but it's one of the first instances where vocal cords aren't even necessary. The US Army has recently awarded a $4 million contract to a coalition of scientists, all of which will soon start developing a "thought helmet" to enable voiceless, secure communication between...

A Wheelchair Powered By the Mind

(Note: The above video is a bit slow to load ... ) Michael Callahan and Thomas Coleman want to put the minds of the handicapped to work. The founders of the Champaign, Illinois-based firm Ambient have invented a wheelchair powered by the mind -- and, fortunately, you don't need Uri Geller-grade brain muscles to get the wheels spinning. The Audeo motorized wheelchair works by having the occupant ...