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Steve Jobs Approves New Bio to Be Published in 2012

Steve Jobs has finally given his seal of approval to a new book about his life. Walter Isaacson's 'iSteve: The Book of Jobs' is slated for release in early 2012, marking the first time that the Apple CEO has participated in a biography. Isaacson, who has been working on the book since 2009, reportedly interviewed members of Jobs' family, his colleagues at Apple and, of course, the man himself....

Apple Responds to iPhone 4 Complaints: You're Holding It Wrong

Having trouble finding a signal with your new iPhone 4? Apple says it's probably your own fault. As it turns out, if you hold the phone in a way that blocks the iPhone's bottom left-hand corner, you might experience technical difficulties. Responding by e-mail to a frustrated iPhone 4 user and Engadget reader, Steve Jobs reportedly said, "Just avoid holding it that way." Engadget...