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Smartphone Sales Surge, Top PCs For The First Time

First, sales of laptops surpassed those of desktops. Now, smartphones are outselling PCs. The PC market continued to grow in 2010, with manufacturers shipping 92.1 million units in the fourth quarter. But traditional computers just simply couldn't keep pace with the exploding (and relatively new) consumer smartphone market. In last three months of 2010, 100.9 million smartphones were shipped...

Extreme Gamers Play 48.5 Hours a Week, Need Girlfriends/Boyfriends/Dogs

If you're so lucky as to know 100 video game enthusiasts, there's a good chance that you know four people who play with their joysticks more than they work. A new report from NPD Group, and quoted on, claims that a full 4-percent of gamers do their thing for 48.5 hours a week. Before you, or we, start making assumptions, be aware that 34-percent of these maniacs are of the female...

Average U.S. Surfer Online For 13 Hours a Week, Says New Poll

We bloggers are well aware of the fact that we spend more time online than is normal, or maybe even healthy. Still, while plugging away in the dark depths of our mothers' basements, we like to comfort ourselves by saying (to the life-size Spock figurines that keep us company), "Yeah, but these days, everybody's online a lot, right?" We should've realized that Spock's silence was just his quiet,...