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Mentaline Delivers Webcam Therapy Sessions to Your Desktop

Going to your therapist may no longer require that you get in your car, sit in a stuffy office, or even get out of your pajamas. That's because a new online service called Mentaline now provides users with instant access to therapists, psychologists and life coaches, who deliver their professional services entirely via webcam. [Ed. Note: Is Lisa Kudrow behind this?] According to TechCrunch, Menta...

PlayerBlock Lets You Check Up On Your Date Via Cell Phone

This one is for the love lorn in our audience. PlayerBlock is a new text messaging service that aims to let you avoid the hassle of dealing with that predatory, promiscuous menace of the dating world -- the player. For some people, the hassle of dating and weeding out the womanizing, lying, and just plain undesirable is just a bit to much. So Global SMS, the company behind PlayerBlock, is hopin...

Gmail Overhaul On the Way?

Gmail, everybody's favorite beta product, may be getting ready for its first major update since launching in 2004. At the time of launch, Gmail was revolutionary, breaking the mold for what a Web mail application could be with unprecedented ease of use, storage and attachment size allowance. But in the ensuing years, Gmail has aged and other services have caught up. While many still consider it...