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Facebook Users Can Now Upload High-Res Photos, Bulk Tag Friends

Facebook users everywhere will soon be able to upload photos in higher resolution, tag their friends with greater efficiency and browse through their friends' albums with more grace, thanks to a new set of features that will begin rolling out this month. The social networking site's new photo features will allow users to upload photos in a 2048-pixel resolution, instead of the traditional...

'Upscaling' Explained

Resolution+. Super Resolution Technology. Upscaling. Upconverting. You've heard it all, but what does it all really mean? Home Cinema Choice has taken the liberty of breaking down the art of upscaling to explain in-depth what's going on when pixels become slightly-more-detailed pixels. We'll leave the dirty work to the read link, but if you've been wondering just how good SD content could look...

Free Tools Help You Fulfill Your New Year's Resolutions

Now that the hang over from New Year's Eve has worn off, it's time to get down to the business of tackling those New Year's resolutions you foolishly made. Of course, the biggest problem with resolutions is finding the motivation and organizational system to make you stick to your guns. Thankfully there are Web sites such as Lifehacker looking out for you. The productivity-focused site has some...