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New 'Banjo Kazooie' Game Snubs SDTV Viewers

Whoa, boy. Talk about causing an uproar. Rare, the development studio behind the forthcoming video game 'Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts,' has decided to move forward with the game without fixing a glaring textual issue when playing on an standard-definition television (SDTV). Essentially, the text in the game -- of which there a lot -- is darn near illegible on standard-def televisions. When...

Diebold Admits Its Electronic Voting Machines Are Faulty

For years, Diebold has embarrassed itself by claiming that obvious faults were actually not faults at all, and during the past decade or so, it mastered the act of pointing the finger. Now that it has ironically renamed itself Premier Election Solutions, it's finally coming clean. According to spokesman Chris Riggall, a "critical programming error that can cause votes to be dropped while being...

Apple Cops to Inferior iPod Touch Screens

The most interesting bit of info gleaned from Wall Street Journal tech guru Walt Mossberg's recent review of the iPod Touch is that Apple confirmed to him that some initial Touch units shipped with defective screens. Anyone keeping up on their iPod news recently has certainly read the reports of users complaining that the screen used in the iPod Touch is far inferior to the one used on its...