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Here We Go! Mario Marathon Ends in Day Five, and Raises $81K for Kids

Usually, if you play video games for over 100 hours straight, people call you an addict, and ship you off to a rehab center. But for the past three years, three guys from Indiana have gotten away with just such an event (without being institutionalized) -- all in the name of charity. Once a year, Brian Brinegar, John Groth and Chris Deckard take up residence in front of a TV, and play through...

PopCap Games Explores the Future of Mobile Gaming

In February, PopCap Games introduced a version of its popular castle defense game, 'Plants vs. Zombies,' to the iPhone. The lure of pea pods battling the undead proved impossible for people to resist, and, within nine days, the game had set a sales record on the device -- selling over 300,000 copies and pulling in over $1 million. PopCap is a game maker with its fingers in several pies --...