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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet To Support Android Apps

There's probably never going to be a tablet that unseats the iPad, just as there never was an iPhone killer or a serious iPod competitor. But that doesn't mean that some companies won't make great products and fantastic business decisions. Case in point is RIM, which yesterday announced that the forthcoming BlackBerry PlayBook will support Android apps. There are some caveats, of course. For...

Best Tablets of CES: Xoom, VIA, Tab and PlayBook Lead the Way

We're quickly coming up on a year since the iPad was released, and while opinions may have been divided early on, there's simply no questioning now that Apple's take on the tablet PC singlehandedly made that long-failing device category suddenly viable. Apple didn't invent the tablet; it was simply the first to craft one that was compelling enough to finally win over consumers. Along the way, it h...

BlackBerry Births the PlayBook: The First 'Professional-Grade' Tablet

It was really a matter of when, not if, RIM would throw its hat into the tablet arena with a BlackBerry branded device. Now the fun and games iPad has an appropriate foil in the all business BlackBerry PlayBook. The 7-inch device runs an "amplified" (to use RIM's marketing speak) version of BlackBerry OS with multi-tasking, a WebOS-like app switcher and a brand new WebKit browser with support for...