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'Porn Wikileaks' Reveals Adult Stars' Real Names, Home Addresses

The adult film industry is up in arms over 'Porn WikiLeaks' -- a new site offering the real names, birth dates and other private information belonging to more than 15,000 adult actors and actresses. As Gawker reported last week, Porn WikiLeaks obtained this information from a patient database at an STD testing clinic in California. In addition to the porn stars' real names, the leaked...

'GhostExodus' Hacker Sentenced to Nine Years in Federal Prison

In June 2009, federal authorities arrested William McGraw (alias "GhostExodus") on charges of hacking into 14 computers at W.B. Carrell Memorial Clinic in Dallas, where he worked as a security guard. According to prosecutors, McGraw gained access to the network as part of his plot to attack Anonymous on or before the Fourth of July -- which he called "Devil's Day." His master plan, however,...

Study: Electronic Health Records Don't Improve Quality of Patient Care

President Obama has devoted up to $27 billion in federal funds to digitize health records at hospitals across the country, but a new study suggests that he probably shouldn't bother. In the nationwide study, a team of researchers from Stanford University analyzed data from more than 250,000 patient visits between 2005 and 2007. According to their findings, digital record-keeping systems didn't...