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Can the iPad 2 Double as a Hot Plate?

The iPad has not yet become another Apple-built IED. But, according to one El Paso, Texas man, the tablet has a serious overheating problem. Former firefighter Hector Camacho (not the boxer) claims he was severely burned by his iPad 2 while trying to unplug it from its charger. We don't know... sounds like a built-in feature to us. Browse the Web and keep your coffee hot!...

Over Half a Million Sony Vaio Laptops Suffer From Overheating Bug

It may not be as bad as exploding batteries, but it turns out that some 535,000 Sony laptops that started shipping in January may have a fatal flaw, causing them to overheat and potentially deform. The problem lies within the BIOS installed on the Vaio F and Vaio C series machines. The bug affects the computers' basic heat management systems. Sony has recorded 39 instances of the laptops...

Sony Recalling VAIO TZ Laptops Due to Overheating

Own a Sony VAIO TZ? Well, we hate to be the bearers of bad news but your TZ is likely infected by a possibly dangerous manufacturing boo boo. As such, all VAIO TZ models sold between May 2007 and July 2008 are subject to overheating (unrelated to the Lithium Ion battery, mind you) and eligible for free repair. So far, the announcement only covers Japan, we have yet to see any announcements for...