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Barnes & Noble's Colorful NOOK Kids App Comes to iPad

Already available on Barnes & Noble's NOOKcolor e-reader, the 'NOOK Kids' app is now available on the iPad. According to TUAW, the app features hundreds of colorful, interactive books, which it will read aloud to your kids, and also easily syncs with your NOOKcolor device. The free app, which also works on the iPhone, comes with two initial downloads -- Richard Scarry's 'Colors,' and Rudyard...

NOOKcolor Shines With Magazines, Disappoints With Books

The NOOKcolor is the first of its kind: a serious, full-color e-reading device. Sure, the iPad and Galaxy Tab have found some success moonlighting as virtual readers, but they're first and foremost devices for apps and browsing the Web. Plus, they're a lot more expensive. The NOOKcolor is $249 of straight-up, reading-focused hardware and software. You can still browse the Web and do other things...

NOOKcolor E-Reader Targets iPad, Declares Reading the 'Killer App'

Earlier today at its Union Square location in downtown Manhattan, Barnes & Noble announced the latest addition to the Nook family of readers: the NOOKcolor. The seven-inch tablet packs a full-color touch screen, runs Android (though won't have access to the Android Market) and has Apple's iPad squarely in its sights. The $249 device has a reading-first focus, treating apps and Web-browsing as...