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Drowning in the CES Pool of Slate PCs

We're sure someone out there has already dubbed this the year of the tablet, and it's hard to blame them. Gadget makers all over CES were showing off slate and tablet devices of every stripe, some running NVIDIA's Tegra platform and Android, and some using Intel hardware to push Windows and Linux. But through the chaos, clear trends were forming, dividing lines being drawn. There were also a co...

MSI's Crystal-Encrusted Luxury Laptop

Luxury is up to the eye of the beholder these days, and for many gadgets, it seems as though luxury can be defined with crystals. Such is the case with MSI's new "PR200 Crystal Collection" line of laptops. The latest entry into this luxury line comes in a "pearl-like" white color (we'd say Mac-like, actually), a series of "fashionable" accessories, and a logo on the front that's encrusted with ...