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Backups! How to Save Your Digital World From Doom

It's a fact of life that too many of us learn the excruciatingly painful way: hard drives, like humans, have an unpredictable lifespan. Sometimes they last a long time, but sometimes, well, they die suddenly. Now think of all the physical goods we used to store in shoeboxes and drawers that in today's world exist only in digital form on our PCs: photos, music, home movies, Hollywood movies and TV...

A Quick 'n' Dirty Guide to Keeping Your Data In the Cloud

As many of us have discovered the hard way, backing up your data is not only a smart practice, but a necessity. No matter how careful you are with them, hard drives will eventually fail -- and losing all your personal files is about as fun as getting punched in the ear. While an external drive is great, it doesn't account for all scenarios: What if your home is robbed and the thieves take both...