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Hacker Goes to Prison for Broadcasting Porn on Moscow Billboard

Last year, a hacker named Igor Blinnikov infiltrated a video billboard, and used it to broadcast porn above a busy road in Moscow. Though the 40-year-old prankster eventually confessed to the crime, calling it a "bad joke," he wasn't able to avoid his legal comeuppance. Today, Blinnikov was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Blinnikov reportedly hijacked the billboard from the comfort of his ...

Spam Text Message Detonates Suicide Bomber, Prevents Moscow Attack

Russia avoided a potentially devastating suicide bomb attack last month, thanks to one particularly well-timed text message. According to Russian security sources, the attack was supposed to be carried out by an unnamed woman, believed to be part of a radical Islamist terror group. The woman reportedly planned to strap a bomb to herself, and blow herself up in the middle of a crowded Moscow squ...

Giant Moscow Billboard Is Peppered with Real Cars

This isn't so much a technology story as a super-sized, impress you with the audacity story. A giant billboard in Moscow, stretching up and across approximately 1.5 ACRES (no, not a typo), features real BMWs affixed sideways to appear as though they are racing across the advertisement's expanse. In the Western World, we know they do things big in Texas, but this enormous ad tops anything we've ...