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Students Create Smartphone App Capable of Detecting Malaria

A group of grad students has come up with a way to instantly diagnose malaria, using only a smartphone and some fancy software. The team, comprised of students from around the nation, developed the prototype using a Samsung Focus smartphone, running Windows 7. After adding a microscopic camera lens to the phone, the students developed software capable of analyzing and scanning blood for...

Microscopic 'Pac-Man' Puts Retina Display to Shame

'Pac-Man' is easily one of the most fetishized pieces of video game nostalgia. The game has shown up nearly everywhere, from the Google home page to the fashion runway, and has inspired political attack ads and special edition Moleskines. But far more impressive, from a technical standpoint, is Microscopic 'Pac-Man.' Developed by Japanese design professor Kotoro "dotimpact" Tanaka in celebration...