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Russia Won't Ban Gmail or Skype Amid Security Concerns

It looks like Russia won't be banning Skype or Gmail, after all. The Kremlin was reportedly considering blocking both services, along with Hotmail, in response to a major cyberattack that crippled the country's most popular blog and an independent news site. Some within the Kremlin had believed the services posed a major threat to national security, but some critics had thought the government may...

Russian President Joins Twitter After Traveling to San Francisco

We promised ourselves some time ago that we were going to stop covering every celebrity and politician who signs up for Twitter. Let's be honest; it's not news anymore. In fact, it would be bigger news if a celebrity announced a vehement opposition to Twitter and vowed that they would rather spend an eternity watching Black Eyed Peas' videos than subject themselves to even a moment of...

Kremlin Hackers Squashing Free Speech?

Enemies of the Kremlin have suddenly found themselves under attack by hackers; their Web sites crippled under a siege of coordinated and widespread attacks the scale of which only the Kremlin could finance, they say. The victims, which include opposition parties and independent media outlets are being hammered with Distributed Denial of Service attacks, which is when computers that have been...