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Audi-Outfitted, Octopus-Like Light Machine 'Outrace' Arrives in London

Devoted readers will recall our excitement for 'Outrace,' the light sculpture/installation made from Audi production robots, that was slated for the London Design Festival -- and it's finally arrived! Check out video of the installation after the break, or go to to send a message; the 'bot will trace said missive in the air with its LED appendages, which will then be translated into a...

'Octopus' Made From Factory Robots Slated for London Design Festival

We're super excited for New York Design Week, but we'd be even more excited if the city were getting its very own robot "octopus" to mark the occasion. That's what London will get for its London Design Festival in September, when design outfit Kram/Weisshaar will install a six-armed robot called 'Outrace,' borrowed from the Audi production line, in Trafalgar Square. (And yes, we're aware that...