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German 'Scientists' Test Knife-Wielding Robot on Human, High-Five Each Other

Share Ever wonder what would happen if you suddenly bought a robotic maid, gave it a bunch of sharp objects, and let it run wild? Sure you have. Well now, the world finally has an answer to this eternally burning question, thanks to a trio of insane German scientists who decided to take the conversation beyond the realm of stoner circles and into the laboratory. To find out what would happen ...

BlackBerry Storm Gets Stabbed With a Knife (Video)

Some things are best tested by others. Say, for example, the guy who first drank from a cow's mammary organ or the equally daring person who took the point from the knife above to the display of his new BlackBerry Storm. In either case, the results are tasty. See for yourself in the video after the break. [Thanks, Mike] ...