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Web Sites That Fell in the Aughts

The Web has been part of the public consciousness for roughly 20 years now. But it was only in the last decade that we saw the Internet start to realize its full potential. Services offering music, social networking, online storage, collaborative document editing, and all else sprung up by the thousands. Of course, this period of experimentation, exploration, and growth was bound to leave a few...

DirectTV to Compete with to Offer Free TV Shows Online?

There are plenty of places to watch TV episodes online, like Joost and YouTube, but in terms of overall content and quality of content, Hulu is the best. It offers shows and movies from most of the big players, including Fox, NBC, MGM, and Sony, but it may have a little more competition coming soon from an unlikely source: DirecTV. The company, known for its digital satellites (and incessant...

Online Video Site Joost Relaunches With Browser Version

If there's one constant in technology, it's that there is no constant. Things change on a daily basis, from advances in technologies to start-ups going under to new product announcements. One especially volatile sector is the video department. Just think, it wasn't that long ago that the only way (outside of TiVo) to watch your favorite shows after they aired was to torrent them (or wait for a...