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Google Will No Longer Collect Street View Photos in Germany

Google has decided to stop collecting Street View photos in Germany, where regulators have spent much of the past two years railing against the search giant for violating the privacy of German residents. A company spokesman confirmed the decision in a statement sent to the Register, explaining that the images gathered across 20 German cities will remain available online, but reiterating that Googl...

Google WebP to Take on JPG Image Format

It's not enough that Google has its own video codec in VP8, or its own protocol for transferring websites in SPDY, or its own programming language in Go (not to mention two operating systems, a browser, and countless sites and services). Now, the world's largest Internet company is taking on the field of image formats with WebP. This hopeful successor to the JPG crown is actually 40-percent small...

Computer Glitch Sketches Burglary Suspect with a 'Lettuce Head'

Police in Hampshire, England are asking citizens to be on the lookout for a suspected burglar who doesn't have neon green hair. The suspect, who is wanted for stealing about $93 (£60) from an elderly woman, was originally described as being in his 40s, with wavy blond-grey hair. But when police used this data to create a computer-generated, E-FIT (Electronic Facial Identification Technique) ...