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Texting Your Car a Reality With Hyundai Blue Link

Hyundai is here at CES, and it wasted no time announcing its new Blue Link system. Combining GPS navigation with an entertainment system and Internet connectivity, Blue Link can turn even the humble Sonata into a digital powerhouse of a vehicle. You can even remote start and disable your car with a text message. The system's speech-recognition software can help you in finding points of interest, ...

Disney, Hyundai Add to iPad Pandemonium, California Cell Ban Generating Serious Cash

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines.... The Disney family of networks has released an assortment of official iPad apps, including two 'Toy Story' read-alongs, and it's all quite timely considering the third chapter in the trilogy hits theaters this year. iPad owners will also have exclusive access to two new paid ESPN apps, including an upgraded version of 'ScoreCenter,' ...

World's First 46-inch Stereoscopic 3-D TV

3-D baby, that's what we've wanted from home television for 50 years. Now it's yours... if you live in Japan anyway. Introducing the world's first 46-inch 3-D stereoscopic television (which is essentially a fancy name for a 3-D television that requires glasses to view properly). Many companies are working on TVs capable of displaying 3-D -- ideal for video games for example -- but it looks like ...