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Hotmail and Other Windows Live Services Suffer Outage

You can't beat free online e-mail. You want a different e-mail address for every day of the week? You got it. Need separate accounts for those sites you just know are going to spam you like there's no tomorrow? No problem. No problem, that is, until those sites go down, which is exactly what happened to Microsoft yesterday. Most users of the company's Windows Live suite of tools, which includes t...

Top 10 Most E-Mail Addicted Cities

Though a youngster today might look at you with absolute bewilderment at the mention of the word "e-mail," the medium is actually more popular than ever with Americans. AOL just completed a massive, broad-sweeping survey on the subject, which polled residents of the country's top 20 markets. From the survey, an index rating was created based on the percentage of residents online who have more t...

Review: Windows Live Hotmail

Compared to other Web-based e-mail services like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, Microsoft's Hotmail is like the wounded horse that's begging to be taken 'round back and shot. Using Hotmail could be considered a form of torture under the Geneva Conventions. It's slow; it's ugly; it boasts only the most basic of features and the spam filter is a farce. But, things are looking up. Hotmail has been re-thoug...