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Keg on Wheels: 'Heineken Bot' Rolls Around and Pours Beer for You

Share It's not too often that we get to write two of our favorite words -- beer and robot -- in the same sentence. So when suds and bots combine to form some unholy creation, it's a good day at the office. Enter the latest amalgamation, the brand-specific "Heineken Bot," which is basically a miniature keg on wheels. Think of it as a Roomba, but way cooler and more drunk. According to Engadget,...

Beer2D3 Droid Full of Geeky Ingenuity, Not Booze

You know you've watched 'Star Wars' a few too many times when you start to see droids everywhere you look. This might just be the case with artist Paul Loughridge, creator of the droid you see above, called Beer2D3, which was crafted using a Heineken mini-keg and a lot of ingenuity. Loughridge, who goes by the handle Lockwasher, has made numerous robots and gadgets for shows and exhibits, mostly...