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Spotlight on Sourcing at Greener Gadgets

As the global economy strengthens its grip, consumers (and even some manufacturers) are led further and further away from the origins of the products they consume. And, of course, the greater distance a product travels to get to us means a larger carbon footprint, further damaging the environment. At the Greener Gadgets conference last week, design competition prize winner John Healy and guest ...

Corky Mouse Generates Kinetic Energy but Won't Stop-up Wine Bottles

Forget about replacing your wireless mouse's batteries every month, and sate that eco-conscious urge that makes you want to ditch the Duracells and go green. Designer Adele Peters has created the Corky mouse, which is powered via piezoelectric elements within the gizmo's body. With every movement, click, and wheel scroll, kinetic energy is created and stored by Corky, eliminating the need for ano...