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Outdone by Smartphones, Portable GPS Sales Slip in 2010

This holiday season, plenty of people are expected to exchange e-readers, tablets or smartphones. One gadget that probably won't be under the tree, however, is a portable GPS device. According to statistics from the NPD Group, unit sales of portable navigation devices (PNDs) have dropped by 9-percent through the first 11 months of 2010. Sales revenue, meanwhile, has slid by 22-percent since...

Aussie Family Stranded Three Days After Following GPS Into Outback

Share How far will travelers blindly follow a GPS device? According to The Sydney Morning Herald, an Australian family of four (and their poor pup) followed directions given by their GPS onto a road closed by heavy rainfall and became stranded for three nights in a pickup truck. The family, believe it or not, ignored posted warning signs and turned onto the Darling River Road while traveling...

GPS Satellites Could Break Down by 2010

Millions of U.S. consumers have come to depend on GPS technology for a variety of daily activities, like avoiding traffic jams, finding the shortest route to a vacation destination, or for just finding the nearest movie theatre. Hopefully, those GPS-addicts haven't cleaned the maps out their glove compartments just yet -- according to a U.S. government report obtained by U.K. newspaper The...