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How to Make an Animated GIF from a YouTube Video

Animated GIFs are on the rise again, blanketing Tumblr, Twitter and much of the Switched team chatroom. Some sites offer GIF-making tools, but most, at best, do little more than take multiple screencaps of a video, leaving you with a five-frame result that's not going to get you any Internet cred. Amazingly, there still isn't a dedicated app for making amazing works like these, so you'll have to...

'Cache Rules Everything Around Me': A GIF Mashup by Evan Roth

3-D graffiti tech pioneer Evan Roth has gone back to 2-D with 10 minutes of animated GIFs, set to a mix of Girl Talk tracks and called 'Cache Rules Everything Around Me.' A music video that recalls both YTMND and 4Chan, but with a danceable beat, 'Cache' references classic GIF memes alongside the more obscure. Revolutionary? No. But a tasty pop culture soup, most definitely....