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Ghana's Email Scammers Work Hard, Pray Harder

Here's a fascinating look at the world of Sakawa, a unique blend of e-mail fraud and African religious tradition that has become a cultural force in Ghana. The young and unemployed people who use scavenged computers and Juju priests for their scams also drive a thriving music and movie scene centered on the lives of e-mail conmen. The video above is 20-minutes long, so if you're working, wa...

Man Killed By Plugged-In Cell Phone

We've seen deaths at the hands of cell phones take many different forms -- explosions, drownings, car accidents, even one kid who got hit by a train. One we haven't seen yet though? Electrocution. It seems a young man in Ghana picked up his cell phone to answer it while it was being charged. Shortly afterwards electricity zipped through his body and threw him to the floor with burns on his finge...