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Switched's Comprehensive Guide to Video Game Emulators

The video game emulator -- the bit of software that allows nostalgic button-mashers to mount an NES on their PCs in order to relive halcyon "HADOUKEN!" days -- is one of the most misunderstood elements of modern computing. But we're here to tell you exactly what they are, how they work, and even offer a comprehensive directory of the best ones for your favorite platform. Read on for our indispensa...

'Zelda' Meets 'Alien' in 'Cat Astro Phi,' An Indie Love Letter to Game Boy

Big things come in small packages, they say -- and, as undernourished, nerdy shrimps, we're here to prove that adage correct. Pint-size protagonists have long been a gaming staple, from the compact physique of 'Mario' to the robo-twerp protagonist of 'Mega Man.' This week, we'll take a look at a new generation of microscopic mascots who star in games that are big fun. From the instant we saw ...

Nintendo's Fashion Runway Show

Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Dolce & Gabbana. These are the names that immediately come to mind when one thinks of legendary Italian couture. And you can now add Mario and Luigi to that distinguished list. The fashion world has been abuzz since the pair debuted its new line of Nintendo-themed t-shirts, hats, backpacks and other apparel at a recent runway show in the Nintendo World Store i...