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Hacked and Hijacked! How to Save Data if Your Portable Device Is Stolen

Symptom: You reach into your pocket or bag, and, well, it's empty! Diagnosis: Beyond the understandable distress of losing a pricey smartphone, laptop or tablet PC, the real trauma is the sudden and unfettered access afforded to the slippery-fingered jerk who took it. The cost of a new laptop is meager compared to the personal and even financial havoc that a motivated thief can wreak wit...

Account Info Harvested from iPhone in Six Minutes

iPhone owners, here's a really good reason to set up that whole "remote wipe" thing using Find My iPhone. German researchers have found a way to harvest all your account information, including your Gmail password, Wi-Fi key and Exchange information, in under six minutes. And that's even if you have protected your device with a password. The hack is simple, and you can watch it in the video after ...

'Find My iPhone' Leads to Criminals' Arrest

When Colorado resident Dustin Simantob and his dad returned to their car after a three-day river trip, they found the windows busted out and their belongings, including two iPhones, stolen. While they reported the crime to the Mesa County Sheriff's Department, the 15-year-old boy decided to do some detective work of his own. In an e-mailed account of his story, Simantob told Mashable that a new f...