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Snoop Dogg Lends His Name to Norton's 'Hack is Wack' Rap Contest

Unlike some other aging gangsta rap icons, Snoop Dogg continues to prove himself both a prolific musician and a complacent corporate shill. (We're thinking of his recent collaborations with the TV show 'True Blood' and fembot Katy Perry, and even his contribution as a celebrity voice for TomTom GPS -- "Turn rizzle at the next intersizzle"?) And now Norton, the global computer security giant, is ba...

Your Friends' Tweets Could Actually Be Ads

As part of the latest trend in online advertising, ad companies are paying normal people to pimp companies or products to their online friends or followers. According to the New York Times, companies think that consumers will be more likely to trust the opinions of their Facebook friends than they are a faceless commercial -- even if those "opinions" are formed with the promise of financial incen...