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Diebold Backs Out of the Controversial E-Voting Machine Market

Diebold's beleaguered venture into the rough and tumble world of electronic voting has finally, and officially, come to an end. Computer World is reporting that Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S) has purchased Diebold, Inc.'s election systems subsidiary Premier Elections Solutions. Diebold joined the voting machine fray in 2002 with its purchase of Global Election Systems, Inc., w...

Is Electronic Voting Going to Screw Up This Year's Election, Too?

It's actually a 'Simpsons' joke -- Homer selects Barack Obama repeatedly, yet the electronic voting machine disregards his choice and racks up votes for John McCain. The joke would be pretty damn funny too, if it weren't actually happening in West Virginia and Ohio right now. In the last few election cycles, the big names in bungled elections were Ohio and Diebold (which has been renamed Premier ...