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Amazon Now Not Shipping Bombs to Morons (or Anyone Else)

So much crazy stuff happens on Election Day that it can sometimes take weeks to properly pick through it all. That's why we're only just getting around to telling you about this doofus who mistook his own Amazon delivery for a bomb. The police, we're sure, were thrilled to help -- just as much as they loved this lady. Put those tax dollars to work, people!...

Dad Delivers Baby Thanks to a Google How-To

While this isn't the first time a frantic father has brought new life into the world with the Web's help, a baby is always cause for celebration, especially from the benevolent hands of Google. Leroy Smith, from Leytonstone, East London, was at his wit's end when wife Emma started experiencing contractions after their midwife left for the day. Since they wanted a home birth, the 29-year-old se...

Tivo and Domino's Offering Pizza Via Your Remote Control

Clearly catering towards the wants, nay, needs of the average American couch potato is TiVo and Domino's Pizza, which have collaborated in order to bring on-sofa pizza ordering to broadband-connected TiVo subscribers. If you'll recall, this service was actually announced for Australia earlier this month, but users in the US of A get the first chance to indulge. 'Course, this is far from the firs...