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Report: Microsoft More Ethical Than Google, Facebook or Apple

Microsoft may not be worth as much money as Apple, but according to a new think-tank report, it's way more ethically sound. This year, the corporation earned a spot on Ethisphere's list of the 'World's Most Ethical Companies,' beating out Apple, Facebook, and Google. It's certainly a far cry from the late '90s, when Microsoft faced antitrust trials and accusations of corporate tyranny. But the com...

Facebook Costing Businesses $264 Million Daily in Lost Man Hours

Vanishing staplers aren't the only employee-related phenomena bleeding the corporate world dry. According to a new study by U.K.-based employment law firm Peninsula, roughly £130 million (or about $264 million U.S.) is lost per day by British corporations due to office workers dillydallying on Facebook. That's the equivalent of 233 million employee hours per month. And British companies aren...