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Students Attempt Fastest Canada Crossing in Electric VW Beetle

For people of a certain age, the mention of cross-country road trips instantly evokes the memories of youthful hedonism, the fragrances of patchouli and the stench of an old, gas-guzzling Volkswagen van. A group of college students in Canada, however, recently went through the rite of VW road trip passage in a decidedly more eco-friendly way. As Techi reports, members of the Electric Car Club at...

Researchers Remote Control Flying Beetles Via Electrodes

The military and researchers across the country have been working on putting tiny bots in the air for quite some time. They've talked robotic spy-bats, dreamed up cyborg crickets, dragonflies, and all matter of other bug-sized bots. In fact, they've successfully implanted electrodes into the brains of crickets, moths, and beetles to exercise some control over their movements -- they even got a...