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Audeo Neckband Translates Your Thoughts Into Speech

Who wants to waste energy speaking words when just thinking about speaking will do? Audeo -- a neckband that detects nerve impulses sent to the larynx -- will help you do just that. The techo-accessory has previously been demonstrated controlling a motorized wheel chair, but now the scientists behind the device have added "voiceless" speech to its repetoire of tricks. Ambient Corporation demonst...

A Wheelchair Powered By the Mind

(Note: The above video is a bit slow to load ... ) Michael Callahan and Thomas Coleman want to put the minds of the handicapped to work. The founders of the Champaign, Illinois-based firm Ambient have invented a wheelchair powered by the mind -- and, fortunately, you don't need Uri Geller-grade brain muscles to get the wheels spinning. The Audeo motorized wheelchair works by having the occupant ...