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Do You Own a Non-iPod?

If ever there was a sign of the iPod's ubiquity it's this: Amazon has separated out the iPod from the rest of the media player pack and created its own 'non-iPod' category to house the rest. Zunes, Creative Visions and all of the rest of them have been relegated to this generic category. Really, this is just confirmation of what we already knew: that the iPod has won. The iPod has become the di...

Archos Launches Generation 5 Media Players

Archos, purveyors of high-end portable media players (aka PMPs) has announced a suite of new and updated products the company is calling "Generation 5." The updates cover just about all of their Generation 4 products, with the 405 being the lower-end choice of their full-sized PMPs, offering just 2 gigabytes of flash-based storage, enough for about two movies. But, with an SD card expansion slo...

Media Players for AA Passengers

Thanks to a new deal with Archos, American Airlines will be handing out portable media players along with stale pretzels and warm bottles of water to their passengers. Business and First Class passengers on international flights out of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco will now find Archos 704 portable media devices (pictured) waiting for them pre-loaded with films and music, along with ...