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Baseball Archiving: Tagging and Watching 160,000 Hours of MLB Footage

While technology isn't totally embraced on the baseball diamond, Major League Baseball is embracing it behind the scenes. According to The New York Times, about 50 employees now watch 2,430 regular season and up to 41 postseason baseball games as they occur, and digitally archive every play using hundreds of tags and descriptions to make searching this database as simple as a Google search. Lo...

Use 7-Zip to Manage Archive Files, and Create Your Own

What it is: 7-Zip is a free tool for PC users to handle virtually all of those pesky archive files -- the ones with endings like .zip and .rar -- as well as a host of other file types. Not only does it allow you to open and unpack archives, but it lets you create them, too. What we like: 7-Zip is one of those simple tools that quickly becomes indispensable once you've used it a few times. It's...

Footnote Site Lets You Search and Modify WWII Records

Footnote, a site that specializes in digitizing historical documents, has partnered with the National Archives to provide access to boatloads of World War II-related documents. Footnote has scanned documents, including enlistment records, patrol reports, photos, and missing crew reports, and is providing text based searching of the archives. The National Archives records are often incomplete, an...