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'Cache Rules Everything Around Me': A GIF Mashup by Evan Roth

3-D graffiti tech pioneer Evan Roth has gone back to 2-D with 10 minutes of animated GIFs, set to a mix of Girl Talk tracks and called 'Cache Rules Everything Around Me.' A music video that recalls both YTMND and 4Chan, but with a danceable beat, 'Cache' references classic GIF memes alongside the more obscure. Revolutionary? No. But a tasty pop culture soup, most definitely....

Web Relic, the Animated GIF, Becomes Medium for Art

More often than not, animated GIFs are reserved for quick chuckles. Cat portals, face palms, and even the occasional girl punch, are this limited media format's bread and butter. But the current crop of digital artists are turning to this former Net-annoyance to create Web-based art. Sites like Rhizome, 8-Bit Today, and Nasty Nets dig through the deepest recesses of the Internet to find these ...

Trippy WTF Animated Images That Will Bug You Out

Whether you're bored at work or high at home, or vice versa, you can enjoy some psychedelic time wasters courtesy of our friends over at Urlesque. We're not exactly sure what kind of reaction you're supposed to have here, but our reactions ranged from perplexed to unimpressed to straight up freaked out (seriously, what's with that dinosaur and the kids thing?). Anyway, we'd advise you not to c...