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American, Lufthansa Adding In-Flight Wi-Fi

American Airlines and Lufthansa are the latest to jump on the in-flight Internet bandwagon. American Airlines has signed up with Aircell to start offering broadband access at 30,000 feet sometime next year. It will initially begin rolling out the service on trans-Atlantic flights on its fleet of 767s. Annoyingly, prices for the service were not announced yet, which is what we laptop-addicted...

JetBlue May Add In-Flight Text-Messaging

First Air France, then European low-cost carrrier Ryanair... and now JetBlue. The ability use your mobile phone while your plane is in flight may be coming to the US. JetBlue has made no official announcement other than admitting it is examining the possibility of offering text messaging services. Jet Blue has stated that it has misgivings about offering voice services on...

In-Flight Cell Phone Calls a Reality

The death knell has tolled for one of the last lone cell phone-free frontiers on Earth -- or above it, actually. Beginning in July Air France will begin piloting a six month program (pun fully intended) that will allow travelers to send and receive text messages and emails from cellular devices. After three months, though, the true horror begins as passengers will be permitted to talk on their...