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Mega-Controller Makes You a Wrathful Gamer God

When cataclysmic events occur and human lives are lost, observers inevitably wonder how a supreme being could allow such terrible circumstances to happen to undeserving innocents. Well, those events apparently take place because He/She/It (depending upon your persuasion) is an avid gamer who has been tragically corrupted by poisonous video game violence. A piece by artist Vadim Fishkin seems...

Charting the Transformation of Video Game Controller Design

We're trying our best to refrain from contributing to the Web's infographic glut, but we couldn't resist this one: the evolution of video game controller design as charted by U.K.-based Cxpartners. See how the original Nintendo directional pad gave birth to the PlayStation and Xbox controllers, and how the Power Glove's whole concept flopped until the invention of the Wiimote. The full image is...