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Tech Travel Tips: Let Mom Know You're Safe With Must-Have Apps

Your obedient-child instinct may compel you, upon landing, to call or e-mail your friends and family to let them know you're safe and sound. Problem is, your American phone probably won't work overseas (more on that later this week). So, instead of allowing your mother to stay up all night in a worrisome sweat (Oh Mom, we're fine!), take some time to teach her how to follow your flight online.... App 'Pushes' Best Airfare Deals to Your iPhone

With flying becoming a luxury, folks want to snag the cheapest fares they can grab. But, as is the American way, they don't always want to do the work required to get the deal. According to USA Today, the new FareCompare 'When-to-Fly' free app sends a push notification whenever the price of a preselected flight route drops below the current lowest fare. For U.S. flights, the price needs to drop...

'Hipmunk' Travel Site Streamlines Reservations, We Go Hands On

Sometimes, planning a flight can be more stressful than actually waiting in the security lines or sitting next to a crying baby on the transatlantic. Sure, there are plenty of travel sites out there, each claiming to deliver the cheapest, easiest flights in the skies. But sifting through the layovers and comparing costs often takes some extensive research, simply due to the confusing way most...

Airlines Updating Tech in Attempt to Improve Customer Experience

There once was a time, at the dawn of the commercial flight era, when major airlines were at the forefront of new technology. While its computerized reservation system may have been revolutionary back in 1960, it hasn't changed a whole lot since, and consumers have had to suffer because of it. Decades-old computers and convoluted networks have only served to exacerbate already strained customer...