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New Prius Gets a Sci-Fi Hum, Won't Fold Into a Briefcase

While hybrids like the Prius may be good for the environment, they have a serious design flaw. In electric-only mode, they're almost completely silent, which, if the world were loaded with battery-powered vehicles, would make being a pedestrian a little on the dangerous side. Some safety advocates have proposed that manufacturers equip hybrids with speakers that would play sounds to notify bystan...

California Curbs Prius's Elite Status, Netflix Tops Hulu

Highlights from this morning's other big tech headlines.... Toyota's Prius, which once symbolized and dominated the eco-friendly car movement, apparently just isn't friendly enough for California anymore. The state is revoking the vehicle's HOV lane privileges (while maintaining those same HOV rights for "super-clean cars" like the Tesla). [From: Discovery Treehugger] The Netflix diversifi...